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Spotify Campaign Frequently Asked Questions

It is very likely that you will. Because the playlists we work with get real plays from real people, people are very likely to engage with your song. However, we can not guarantee any activity since these are real people and react just as you would with a song you listen to.

No, we can’t. Our efforts to attempt to maximize exposure though will hopefully trigger Spotify’s algorithmic playlists like Discover Weekly and Daily Mix. We also strive to pitch artists to playlists that may interact with your songs and follow you. In the future, you may be able to benefit from Release Radars as a result of our exposure.

We can not guarantee any plays or Spotify-owned playlists.

I understand that I am not guaranteed any playlist in particular to have my song placed on. My campaign is paying for the time for us to reach out to different curators to fulfill your campaign.