Best Hip Hop Blogs

Hip Hop music is one of the most popular genres in the world today. From its roots in the 70s, Hip Hop has evolved dramatically to become a major force in contemporary music. As Hip Hop fans, we love to stay on top of the latest news and trends in the genre – that’s why keeping up with some of the best Hip Hop blogs can be an invaluable resource. Whether you’re looking for new releases, interviews with your favorite artists, or simply want to know more about what’s going on in the world of Hip Hop, these great hip hop blogs are sure to have something for everyone! So without further ado, here are our picks for the best Hip Hop blogs out there!

Best Hip Hop Blogs

1. Complex

With its mix of music news, interviews, reviews and videos, Complex is an excellent resource for all things Hip Hop related. It’s regularly updated with fresh content and has an impressive range of topics – from new releases to in-depth reviews of classic albums.


From breaking news to exclusive features and interviews, 2DOPEBOYZ is one of the most comprehensive sites on the web for Hip Hop fans. It’s also a great source for discovering up-and-coming artists as well as lesser known gems from more established acts.

3. The Source

As one of the oldest publications dedicated to Hip Hop culture, The Source has been around since 1988 and continues to be an essential source of news and information. It’s especially great for in-depth articles on major events, such as yearly award ceremonies or album releases.

4. HipHopDX

As one of the most trusted sources for music reviews, HipHopDX has been around since 1999 and offers a comprehensive scoop on everything related to Hip Hop culture. From editorials to reviews of albums, singles, videos and mixtapes – it’s all here.

5. The Smoking Section

Another heavyweight in the world of Hip Hop blogs, The Smoking Section is known for its witty humor and offbeat takes on current topics in the genre. Its extensive collection of audio interviews with prominent artists makes it a must-read for fans everywhere!

6. Rap Radar

Rap Radar is a great source of news and reviews for the latest Hip Hop releases. It’s also home to some interesting editorials on topics such as classic albums or upcoming artists – definitely worth checking out!

7. HipHop-N-More

HipHop-N-More covers everything from music reviews to interviews with major names in the business, as well as movie trailers and gossip about popular culture. With its eye for fresh content, it’s one of the best places to stay up-to-date on current happenings in Hip Hop.

8. Ruby Hornet

This Chicago based blog has been around since 2007 and brings together both local and international perspectives on Hip Hop culture. Whether you’re looking for artist profiles, concert reviews or new music, Ruby Hornet has you covered!

9. Nah Right

As one of the longest-running Hip Hop blogs on the web, Nah Right is your go-to source for fresh music and mixtapes from both established and up-and-coming artists. It’s also known for its unique takes on classic albums – definitely worth a look if you’re a fan of old school Hip Hop.

10. The 355

This blog brings together interviews, playlists and editorials to provide an in-depth look at Hip Hop culture from around the world. It’s especially great for finding out more about lesser known acts and discovering some truly amazing music!

Whether you’re looking for news and reviews, interviews and gossip or simply want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in Hip Hop culture, these are some of the best blogs out there. So what are you waiting for – start exploring today!


Q. What is the best Hip Hop blog?

A. It depends on your interests, but some of the most popular include Complex, 2DOPEBOYZ, The Source, HipHopDX and The Smoking Section.

Q. What are the best sources for music reviews?

A. HipHopDX and The Smoking Section both have extensive collections of music reviews and editorials that are worth checking out.

Q. Where can I find interviews with prominent artists?

A. The Source, Nah Right and Ruby Hornet all feature audio interviews with various artists from around the world – definitely worth a listen!

Q. Are there any good sources for discovering up-and-coming artists?

A. 2DOPEBOYZ, Rap Radar and HipHop-N-More are some of the best sites for finding out about new talent in the world of Hip Hop.

Q. What is The 355?

A. The 355 is a blog that brings together interviews, playlists and editorials to provide an in-depth look at Hip Hop culture from around the world. It’s especially great for discovering lesser known acts!