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best spotify promotion companies

Best Spotify Promotion Companies: How To Organically Boost Spotify Plays

As artists continue to discover that they are no longer selling copies of their music, many musicians have discovered that Spotify is a much bigger deal than it was just a couple of years ago. Spotify artist promotion is becoming more and more useful than ever before. By reading further, you will learn what makes some of the best Spotify promotion companies and how to organically boost your Spotify plays.

Stay Away From Guaranteed Play Counts

While many Spotify promotion companies promise plays, it’s usually wise to steer clear of any types of “promotion” companies such as these. If these companies are able to guarantee a certain number of plays, most artists have found its because they are using bots rather than real humans streaming the playlists.

Read The Reviews From Past Customers

Have you read the reviews from past clients talking about their experience with this playlist pitching service? If there are no reviews to be found, chances are they are brand new or may be trying to sell a scam.

Verify Playlist Pitching Results

Look to see if the playlist pitching service shows any past campaigns they’ve worked on or if they will send you examples of what they have done in the past.

Reach Out To Friends That Have Used The Service Before

Still not sure which Spotify promotion company to go with? Ask your friends to see if they have any good recommendations for you on who to use?

Ask If The Playlists Have Huge Followings From ‘Gated-Playlists

While a playlist may have a lot of followers, it’s very common that most of the playlist followers have been ordered to follow that playlist usually in return for a song download. While the numbers are inflated, often times we notice that ‘gated-playlists’ have little to no playlist activity.

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