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    Martha Dumptruck In The Flesh Song – TikTok Meme

    “Martha dump truck in the flesh, here comes the cootie squad.” We’re sure by now you’ve heard this popular TikTok meme by now. If not, you most likely have not opened your TikTok account in some time now. While this meme originally came from Big Fun’s ‘Heathers’ The Musical, the phrase “Martha dump truck in

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    Should I Buy Spotify Plays?

    If you have landed on this blog post, you’re probably asking yourself “should I buy Spotify plays?” In this article, we want to talk about the reasons why you should not buy Spotify plays as it can hurt you in the long run. Should I Buy Spotify Plays? The quick answer is no. Purchased Spotify

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    My Spotify Statistics

    Are you looking to find your Spotify statistics? Then you should be looking for Spotify For Artists.  In this post, we’ll cover some questions you may have about Spotify for Artists. What is Spotify for Artists? Spotify for Artists is where you can see who is listening to your music on Spotify as well as

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    How To See How Many Plays A Song Has On Spotify

    Have you ever asked yourself how you can see how many plays a song has on Spotify? Well, you’re in luck. In this blog post, our team at Playlist Pitching will be talking about all of the ways you can find out how many plays a song has. In some of the cases, you may

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