FAQs - Playlist Pitching

FAQs - Playlist Pitching

What are the benefits of getting support from playlists?

As Spotify continues to grow in popularity around the world, musicians are realizing that exposure on Spotify can be very beneficial to their careers. Spotify typically pays double than YouTube does and many artists have found a good source of income just from Spotify alone.

What’s the Real ROI on a playlisting campaign?

ROI has an interesting role when it comes to Spotify campaigns. While a lot of people want to put in one dollar and make two dollar, playlisting campaigns are great for exposure that you would not be getting without getting in certain playlists. All artists need to continuously build their followings. While we can’t guarantee that you will gain followers by being put on certain playlists, this is the goal we are striving for your brand.

Why does the Release Radar matter so much?

Spotify has recently changed their algorithm so that anyone can submit their song one week prior to its release on Spotify For Artists. Spotify is rewarding its artists by distributing that song to all of your followers on Spotify. With exposure granted from different playlists, you will be building followers which will then be rewarded on future releases with the Release Radar.

What playlists will my song be placed on?

Since we are a pitching company, we will pitch your song to different playlists until we reach the minimum amount of followers that we have guaranteed.

How many plays and followers will I get?

The amount of plays and followers varies based upon the day. We like to only use playlists though that are active and are not filled with bot followers.

What can I expect from a campaign?

After you’ve completed payment for your campaign, we will start submitting your track to different curators. It can take up to a week to gain acceptance into different playlist.

How does the approval process work?

When we get a new song submission, our team will listen to the track and determine if the quality is good enough and if there’s potential to pitch to our collection of curators.

Do you participate in payola?

Paying for playlist placements is a violation of Spotify’s terms & agreement. Therefore, we do not condone this type of activity.

Do you do botted plays?

We absolutely DO NOT do botted plays. This is also a violation of Spotify’s terms & agreements. While there are some companies that want to make themselves look like they have more powerful playlists than they really are, we only work with playlist curators that have real followers and real play counts.

How long will my song stay in the playlist?

The curators will typically keep the song in the playlist for 4-6 weeks.