Free Spotify Plays: Why This Should Never Be Your Goal

Free Spotify Plays

Free Spotify Plays: Why This Should Never Be Your Goal

As many artists today have figured out that Spotify is the future of music, there are hundreds of Google searches each month for artists looking for “free Spotify plays.” Even worse, a few clicks to different Facebook Groups, you’ll people offering artists claims of “free Spotify plays.” While this idea of “free plays” sounds appealing, we’re going to talk about why there is really no such thing as free plays.

With a quick Google search, you’ll typically see two streaming service-based companies offering free streams. Streamify and Streampot are well-known companies that essentially will use bots to supernaturally inflate your numbers. While a higher play count may seem desirable to most, bot plays have caused many artists to have their songs and albums taken down, and Spotify has even gone as far to ban their entire artist profile in many cases.

Should Spotify Bot Services be Banned?

Even though Streamify and Streampot continue to operate today, Spotify has made it well-known that they do not stand for ‘botted’ plays where people will pay for plays. While you can make it appear to have higher play counts in a shorter amount of time, Spotify has mentioned in their terms & agreements to steer clear of cheating their platform.

Organic Spotify Plays Are The Best Bet

Since Spotify has made it clear that they do not allow botted streams on its platform, it’s much wiser to focus on growing your audience organically.

So while free Spotify plays may seem appealing at the time, is it really worth being banned? We recommend steering clear of bot plays and invest in a real playlist pitching service.

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