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How To Create A Popular Spotify Playlist

Spotify is one of the most popular streaming services in the world and they offer anyone the opportunity to create a virtual mixtape for the whole world to hear. Creating playlists is an engaging hobby and if it’s done right, can gain the attention and followers from people all around the world. However, due to the number of people trying to create playlists these days, competition is growing for different genres, moods, and seasonal playlists.

Even if you don’t have a big website or are an influencer, you can still create playlists that get followed. Here are some steps to create a popular Spotify playlist.

Step 1: Don’t Create Too Many Playlists At Once

While it’s easy to create playlists of all kinds, it’s best to focus all of your attention on one playlist and then expand from there. While you can create 1,000s of playlists, in most cases, you’ll be better off with one strong playlist that you are optimizing and listening to.

Step 2: Actually Listen To Your Playlist

This may sound strange, but we highly recommend that you listen to your playlist… and often. Instead of going to Spotify’s playlists, add those songs you want to listen to into your own playlists. If Spotify recognizes that playlists are getting plays, there’s a good chance Spotify will recommend your playlist to others.

Step 3: Be Picky About Your Songs

Dragging and dropping entire albums is a recipe for disaster. As a playlist curator, you’re expected to find the best songs for the given playlist. Make sure these playlists flow include unnecessary songs in the playlist.

Step 4: Put The Best Songs Up Top

You want to draw in people to listen to your playlist. Make sure you put your best songs first and then feel free to sprinkle in lesser-known songs and artists.

Step 5: Update The Playlist Regularly

Updating your playlist is essential. Remember how we said starting with one playlist at first? This could be a game changer with the growth of your playlist.



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